How to Choose Your Garage Door Material

Unsure of how to choose garage door material that is right for you? We know it can be tricky with so many different garage door material options available on the market.

To help, we have put together our garage door material guide to cover a range of crucial factors to consider, including aesthetic appeal, durability, cost and security.


A popular choice for those after a more traditional style for their garage doors, wood comes in various types and is often affordably priced. However, wood is often less durable than other options and can be particularly vulnerable to outdoor elements. As a result, wooden garage doors will require regular maintenance alongside occasional painting and staining.


Highly durable and affordable, it is easy to see why steel is one of the most popular garage door material options for businesses and homeowners alike.

The simplicity of steel garage doors, as well as the option to add a composite wood overlay, ensures the doors can comfortably fit in with an extensive range of architectural styles.

Unfortunately, while still highly durable, steel doors are vulnerable to dents, and for those living in coastal areas, the risk of corrosion ensures regular maintenance is often essential.


Offering a contemporary look ideal for modern homes, aluminium doors can be painted in almost any colour and also have the option to include glass panels. While generally cheaper than steel, top-end aluminium can still be rather expensive. There is also no risk of the rusting associated with steel garage doors – however, aluminium is still sensitive to bumps and can easily dent compared to other door types.


An ideal alternative to wooden garage doors, fibreglass provides a low maintenance option with the ability to be installed with a faux wood design that is not at risk of cracking or warping.

However, fibreglass’s poor insulation and tendency to fade from extreme weather conditions ensure it often is not the best option for certain climates.

Choosing your garage door material: Final thoughts

We hope our garage door material guide has provided you with an insight into the materials that might be right for your property.

At A1 Openings Garage Doors, we provide a comprehensive range of garage door material options alongside installation and repair services in Kent. We cover all kinds of garage doors, including up-and-over garage doors, electric garage doors, and sectional garage doors. To speak with a member of our team today, give us a call on 07946 740669 or 01634 222009, or email us at


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